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Hello luvs! I haven't talked to you for a while! But as you know, my journals come few and far in between! As I had told you before, I had joined :papermemoriesstudios: and we have a few videos planned for you guys! Our Hetalia one is on Hiatus until next summer, being that it needs more light and sun and being that it's Canada and in the middle of winter....Yeah, not happening. But, we do have a Kuroko No Basuke one planned, and we are going to just suck it up and brave the cold in our jerseys (Unless we use the community center, which is what I am hoping) And we have a few KNB pairing/ot3 photo's that was taken during my birthday when we used paint for 3d twister and we were cleaning up. 

I also have a two shoots planned, one for my Armin Arlert cosplay and the second for my Yuno Gasai cosplay. My shoot for Armin will be on the 28th and my Yuno will be sometime before January 13th, and I am super excited to show you.

I will be getting rid of most of my selfies of my Sailor Neptune and Ciel and whatever other ones I've had photoshoots of, until I get my Yuno and Armin Photoshoots done those will stay up.

I haven't written a journal in forever! Hoo boy! I have so much to write about, I just got to find a way to condense it!

Sooo, lets go for Cosplays first yeah? Well! As you saw there is a lot of 'Work In Progress' pictures coming up which I find super exciting! Yuno is pretty much finished, her costume is still being shipped to me so I should recieve it in a couple days *crosses fingers* Armin Arlert is 99% done, all I need are the boots and then I'm ready to rock! Ciel is really my lowest priority, but I'll get him done for sure.

However, I do have three Cosplays coming up! Which are Shiro from K project, Ja'far from magi and Shion from No.6! They will be completed shortly and I cannot lie, I am super excited for them! Misaki from K project and Hakuryuu from magi are on the list but I will be putting them on the back burner for now.

The next thing I also wanted to tell you guys is that I have joined :iconPaperMemoriesstudio: just last weekend! At first, we were just going to be actresses for the upcoming video, but instead we became members!

Speaking of the video, the only thing I'm going to tell you is that it's a Hetalia video! I'm not sure how much details Snow and Fenne are willing to give out so I'll keep things hush hush for now. All I know is that it has some intensely cool fight scenes, blood and a cut on my knee which was not supposed to happen. Oh well, it added to it I guess! It also has some intensely cool pictures! Some absolutely terrifying! Great for Halloween, don't you think?

Go follow :iconPaperMemoriesStudio: we still need things updated, but once we do, you won't regret adding us!
So a few months ago I had commissioned my Flandre Scarlet wigs. And when I saw a few months, I do mean around end of may/ start of June so that it could be done before Cos&Effect. I had seen some of her work and I was incredibly impressed by them. So as I commissioned her, she had said two weeks tops they would be done.

Two weeks came by and they were not finished. I should have been suspicious when she said she couldn't give me progress pictures, but I had faith in her.

My faith was wrongly put.

I had lost contact with her. She would not answer any of my messages or Facebook posts nothing. I was choked. So now Cos&Effect is just around the corner and I have no wings.

Wingless Flandre Scarlet here I come.
---Anime Revolution---

Day 1 -Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 356/2 days)

Day 2 -  Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

Day 3 - Teito Klein (07 - Ghost)


Day 3 - Finland (Hetalia)
Being that I am in a group, we find that it becomes diffacult for certain photo's to get up.

So we have decided to bring up MadHouseProductions

You will be updated with photos from photoshoots and video's from cons, planned shoots and CMV's

Singular shots will most likely be in our own DA's. But group one will be there.

Hey guys! How have you gorgeous creatures been doing?

So today I had recieved my New Flandre cosplay! And it's absolutely gorgeous, I can't think of anything as nice as it! Once I'm back from disneyland, I'll be ordering the wig so that it can be at least 90% complete. The wrist cuffs are slightly too big, but hopefully I can get them fixed down to my size.

I also have :iconemmaliene: who is absolutely amazing and has agreed to make my wings and let me be her Flandre (Whether for a day, it doesn't matter) to her Ramilia. So hopefully once the wig has arrived and the wings are done we'll have some amazing photo's to show you guys! I'm incredibly excited!

Speaking of which, :iconthefailstorm: and I will be at fanexpo Vancouver as Axel and Roxas (along with a Demyx and perhaps a Xigbar & Larxene) and Sailor Uranus and Neptune. So if you see us give a shout and maybe a hug! I would love to see you guys there!

I'll talk to you guys next week! Have a lovely spring break (or Week) and I'll see you guys soon!
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 6 things about themselves in their journal.
3. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
5. No tag backs.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people

Alright, Lets get started xDD

1. I don't care much for live movies. I'm actually a big animations kinda girl. (Like Rise Of the Guardians, Disney movies, etc.) While there is a lot of live action movies I like, I usually like really good movie adaptions.    

2. I'm Pansexual. I can be attracted to both sexes and people who are transgender/So forth.

3. I'm very wishy washy with people. Depending on who I'm with I can either be extremely outgoing, happy and (What I think) Funny. But if I'm with people I don't really know, or don't click with them right away I can be really quite. I'll smile and be polite but I won't go out of my way to talk to them.

4. I don't do much when it comes to hobbies. I'm extremely flaky, that's why I don't join any teams. I find no entertainment being tied down to something. That's why I like cosplay and Archery, I can do them whenever I want.

5. I like doing make up and modeling for make up. I don't usually model make up unless I'm doing it to myself during cosplay related things.

6. Depending who I'm playing I can act like the character really well. But it depends on my mood. I can make a really good Finland because I'm in a chipper mood or I can make a good Ciel because I'm in a butt fuck terrible mood.


So. I know some of you follow our NordicRegionFive deviant account and some don't. That's why I'm announcing it on here! So the Nordic group as decided to do an "Ask-The-Nordics" tumblr blog and we wanted to know if you guys would like that? We want you guys to comment to see who would follow!

Our Tumblr is

Follow us lovelies!
Hey guys! I'm so very excited because this week is my birthday week! Once December 14th goes by I'm officially 18! (And can go into yaoi panels! Haha! Just kidding!...sadly not.) Anyway, I have already gotten tons of money from my birthday from my Lovely Aunties and grandparents and I am saving most of it for Disneyland this coming spring break with one of my best friends TheFailStorm

I also have enough money to buy the cosplay I wanted that TheFailStorm and I will be debuting! Huzza! I'm having such a lovely month of December and it also doesn't help that my house is decorated in all the festiveness! My parents love Christmas so we have totally decked the halls this year and every each of our house is covered in christmas decorations (Bedrooms are the exception, however the bathroom is not. That is decked out too!)

Which has gotten our Nordic group utterly stoked for Christmas! If you followed our Nordic group, you already know of the Christmas video we have planned. Which we have finished recording and will be editing it tomorrow and hopefully getting it out on or around my birthday.

Speaking of video's my Friend Em (Who is a back up Denmark when our main Denmark is unable to show) had made a F.A.C.E & 2P!F.A.C.E family video, which I will show you to the link ->…

And then right after my birthday, we are doing another Nordic video! Which will be started straight on the fifteenth.

So guys, just an update! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hey guys! I totally just realized that I haven't posted any journals up in forever, so I'm doing it now!

As you guys know December is in two weeks  and well...I'm excited! I have a few pictures that will be displayed on DA either this week or more then likely, next week. For all you Touhou fans out there My friend Kassandra will be doing Marisa and I'll be doing Flandre. So, be expecting that Touhou fans! My two friends  Melissa and Jill will also be doing Sailor Moon cosplays with me, which will be a nice little secret. ;D For those joining Fanexpo, Tsukino, or Sakura there will be a possibility that you will see us! And since my Birthday is December 14, the possibility of money for my birthday will be possible since my parents have no idea what to give me XD

For those who follow our Nordic DA ( ) We will be posting a video fairly soon. Our Nordics are really hoping you guys will love it as much as we loved making it. We'll be finishing it up fairly soon and will put a link on all our original accounts and on the Nordic account too. :) Our Nordics will also be part of a "Ask A Nation" Panel during some of the cons, hosted by Greg (Producer, sound etc.) Katie ( Italy, producer)  and Emily (Denmark, Producer, and organizer) For those who live in Vancouver, Victoria and Washington. Come out and see us, when we preform! We promise a lot of laughs but a lot of professionalism as well. We will be taking history questions, and hopefully giving you a good answer since we will be studying history OUTSIDE of school! Le gasp!  

So That's all I have to say so far guys! Thanks for reading!